About Us

We are not Realtors® or associated with any real estate agency. You’ll get a fair price for your property, and we are able to work with all types of mortgages. You’ll sell in days for cash or terms. And since we are not Realtors, there are no fees and no commissions.

You will get a simple, no hassle closing with no cost to you.

Mission Statement

Our organization sets new standards in the real estate investing industry. During these harsh economic times, families are looking to make sound decisions to ensure future prosperity. JSD Properties, LLC offers a unique approach to real estate investing that enables families to make better decisions while making the most important investments in their family's future. Our exclusive business model allows our clients to invest in quality Real Estate Investments, where chances for success are greatly appreciated due to the knowledge, experience, and network we bring to the table.

We are committed to developing and introducing innovative services that meet the highest quality standards through a continuous promotion of our principles and philosophy to better serve the community. Our dedication to pioneering personal relationships and allowing for an open passage of communication gives us a pleasant rapport with our clients. We pledge to train our staff with integrity to become ambitious yet caring associates devoted in assisting you to achieve financial independence with Real Estate Investments.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to rejuvenate communities by creating local investor networks to buy, renovate, and resell these homes as affordable housing. By matching appropriate buyers, homes and financing structures, we help our clients buy and improve properties that otherwise would sit vacant, creating turnkey real estate investments for local investors. Our model creates local jobs, improves property values, and reduces crime. We're turning properties into Possibilities.

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